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Sorry! This is Supposed to be Fun

This past Friday, my wife stayed home to extend her President's Day weekend. The kids were still sick, but they were up and about in our teeny tiny home. I was glad to have the break and took my time shaving the beard I've grown out of the past few days. As most men know there are only two ways to shave: 1) shaving quick-fast with a can of shaving cream when you have somewhere to go (the conventional method); and 2) shaving with a brush and shaving cream that you have to lather up and work into your face (the original method - the way I learned to shave from my father). After emerging from the bathroom looking five years younger with a crisp mustache and goatee and all my grays washed down the drain, I discovered the following scene in my living room.

Sorry! is one of my favorite games from back in the day. The last time I played things got ugly because my wife kept sending me back to Start.

This game wasn't much better. My daughter decided about ten minutes into the game that all the pieces on the board were hers. Her brother (10 years her senior) decided to fight with her on this because she wasn't playing "fair."

Quickly, it all came to an ugly and hysterical end.


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