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I Hate Cats - An Anonymous Spinster Speaks Out

Even though this is blog is not about cats, about a year ago, I wrote about my frustration over the return of my wife's cat to my home after I thought we had found a new home for her. Readers Dugg and Stumbled It without any prompting from me and it remains one of the top four posts read everyday on this blog.

Last Friday, I received what I can only describe as Hater Mail because I don't believe it qualifies as actual Hate Mail. After landing on my post after Googling something about cats they apparently overlooked the theme of the blog and didn't find the humor in what I posted. This is his/her comment below written by Anonymous as always.

Anonymous said...

A lot of people hate cats because they have never had the oppurtunity to be around them, and therefore assume everything bad they've heard to be true. Other people are scared of cats, and others hate them because cats are independant and do their own thing. You cannot control a cat, so its much easier to get an animal that will become your lapdog.(Excuse the pun)

What you have posted here expresses that perfectly, you people cannot control everything, c[a]ts are just your way of venting it.

PhotobucketHuh? When seeking to educate or at the very least be taken seriously, one should never use the words, "you people" in their argument unless stating a location such as, "You people over there standing under that tree." One should also remember to include the "a" when writing the word, "cats" (see the last sentence of the above comment). Yes, my post was about cats, as most if not all of the comments were about cats. But no one said anything about the people who own cats (other than hating them). Our Anonymous Spinster felt the need to bring all of us into it. And this was my response:

E.Payne said...

@Anonymous - I hate cats because I have allergies and so do my kids. I hate cats because they knock everything over. But truthfully I have no ill will towards them as long as they are not in my house. My life - my choice - my opinion. It has nothing to do with control. As a husband and a father I yielded control long ago. I can't and I won't speak for anyone else. This is also a humor piece.

And of course they didn't respond. Saying more or saying worse would've given cats entirely too much "control" over my life. A person once told me that having your furniture shredded by a cat that still had its claws gave it "character." I don't know about you but looking at the springs in my couch (something I have seen thanks to a cat) is not my idea of character.

I Hate Cats. (wink)

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