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We Have A Winner!


For my first giveaway: The Makes Me Wanna Holler Happy Mother's Day Giveaway (phew, that was a lot).

The drawing consisted of the mother in my house, my wife, placing her hand into the vacuum-sealed (not really) Gladware container filled with contestant entries and withdrawing the following name:

Nerd Girl

Nerd Girl needs to respond to this post, via the button directly beneath this paragraph, within the next 24hours (approximately Tuesday, April 28th at 12:30 pm, EST) in order to redeem the prize: A $50 Amazon.com Gift Card! Please include a WORKING EMAIL ADDRESS in your response.

Congratulations, Nerd Girl! And thank you to all who participated!

PS - I'm working on something for Father's Day with a couple of different partners, if something gels you'll definitely hear about here at MakesMeWannaHoller.com!

Peace. Thanks for supporting. And please, keep reading.

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