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Going Green, Home Depot & Marriage

I was shopping in Home Depot's gardening section on my lunch break. It looked like an elephant had torn through the place. Gardening is the new home renovating in this new economy. If you don't know what I mean, look it up.

I settled on a shiny little Zamioculcas for it's air purifying properties and quickly went to check out so I could find some shade. While I was being rung up the woman at the cash register asked, "You're taken, aren't you?"

I looked around for a second not sure she was talking to me and then said, "Oh, yeah, yeah! More than taken..." I motioned down at the ring on my left hand.

"Ahh, all the good ones...it's always the same story. Oh well," she lamented more to her fellow cashier than to me. I smiled awkwardly and swiped my card.

"Have a good one," I said as I walked off.

"You've still got it, you know? I want you to know that."

I laughed, told her thank you over my shoulder and walked to my car. I think that was the first compliment I've gotten in about 8 months. I didn't know marriage takes "it" away from you. I thought getting comfortable, and turning fat and pudgy in marriage did.

Holler Back.

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