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Tight Pants-Tight Pants

Remember singing, "Roxanne-Roxanne!" Now, do the same thing but sing, "Tight Pants-Tight Pants!"

Apparently, I wasn't the only one doing the spotting at Wednesday's Maxwell Concert...

I spent most of my evening in a great looking outfit that will eventually be a great fitting outfit as I continue my campaign to shed pounds (I'll post an update on my progress in about a week).

But the pants don't fit. And they didn't fit 2 or 3 months ago when my wife first bought them for me. Based on my target weight of 175 pounds they'll probably be falling off of me, but right now I have too much thigh, butt and other stuff for them. Back in the day, one of my college buddies called it the "Black Man's Disease."

But due to some wardrobe malfunctions at home and items that have gone missing from my closet (stuff was dirty, other stuff is somewhere in winter storage) I decided to venture out in these tight ass pants that I couldn't even close two months ago. This past Wednesday, I was happy to be able to close them, but the seams were being put to the test with every step I took. I kept telling my wife they were too tight and she kept telling me I looked fine.

Two days later and to my absolute horror...SOMEONE I DON'T KNOW RECOGNIZED ME BECAUSE OF THIS DAMN BLOG!!!!

The wife and I at NJPAC, taken by a friend who bumped into us.
I'm just as happy and fat as I want to be. At least the shirt fit.

A friend just called to let me know that some loyal readers recognized me and my wife, but were a bit perplexed by the "grab" that my pants had on front parts.

Best believe ladies, I was too, more like horrified. Especially when I went to the restroom and had to push in the bulge. If I could've torn those joints off and sat in the audience in just my shirt and my boxer briefs, I would've in a heartbeat.


Happy Friday.

Photo Source: Photobucket

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