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A Cat In Need Of A Home

My hate affair with my wife's cat, Tiger, is in its last days.

I'm not jumping for joy nor did I ever expect to.

Despite my best efforts to find a loving home for her during the past two years since she moved back in with us (the deal was if I found the home, my wife would look the other way - which, I believe, explains why she hasn't helped at all in my plight) I've come up with zilch, nada, nothing really. I've gotten close --- people have committed and then reneged because they have allergies (why say yes in the first place?), eighteen cats, or broke up with their lover/roommate between telling me yes and my actually showing up at their front door. Believe me, I've heard and experienced it all and I think the answer I've appreciated most is, "Hell no." It's emphatic, it's to the point and there's no way for me to misinterpret the message.

But enough with my exposition.

By the end of this week I will be out of my current dwelling and presumably living out of boxes in a beautiful, renovated 3-bedroom 2-bathroom space that is walking distance to everything each of us needs, has a great view and a large terrace for outdoor furniture and a plant or two. It also doesn't allow pets. And neither did any of the other places we looked at, through no choosing of my wife or no planning of my own.

Many times in this life when a necessary action isn't taken in an appropriate time or fashion, life has a way of doing it for us, typically with much less tact.

So here I am readers, still trying to find a home for a cat that has done me more harm than good and doesn't even like me. Behind it all I still want to reassure my wife because a shelter is just not an option and my mother-in-law's doors as a pet rescue outpost for her daughters' bleeding hearts are officially closed.

I am dead serious about the following: If any of you would be willing to provide safe, loving room and board for an affectionate and spry cat (who amazingly is as light as a kitten) or know of someone who does and can please email me here or via the Contact tab at the top of the page to let me know. And please, please, please, share this on Facebook, Tweet this post, or Trackback to it to let as many cat lovers know as possible. We've got until the end of the week.

Cat Needing Adoption by E.Payne
Tiger, in one of her favorite places, the window.

Please note: I AM NOT looking for advice on what to do. Thanks, but no thanks. I only need to know about an adoptive home.

Here's the specs:

Name: Tiger
Age: 12-13 (my wife puts her age around 3 or 4 when she was rescued)
Weight: approx 10 lbs.
Medical: she has all her shots
Declawed: Her front paws.
Spayed: Yes

Even if you don't live in the NYC tri-state area. I'm open to considering a mutually beneficial/shared transportation option to assure that Tiger winds up in the right place and not a shelter.

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