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I, Fearless

I didn't mean to only post one blog last week. But an unexpected incident erupted in my face upon my return to New York. It angered me so that I don't want to talk about it. I don't want to put a fancy spin on it or make it inspirational. Even thinking about not discussing it here is making me angry. All I will say is that it involved my former landlord (the one who didn't provide heat in the winter), my wife, small claims court, and a judge who thought he was funny.

I intended to post this on Friday, but the hurri-blizzard that hit New York prompted me to spend most of the day snapping pictures of snow covered landscapes and playing around with the kids and the wife. By days end I remained triumphant even after an ambush that left me without a hat, a coat or gloves. My wife tried to trip me and fell backwards, my son attempted to tackle me (after spending almost an hour trying to hit me with a snowball as I stood motionless in front of him) but landed on my back while I was still on my feet so all I did was flip him like a flapjack and pounce on him and my daughter was screaming for me to leave her mother alone, go figure. The Dad got the W, the Husband got the W and the Man definitely got the W.

Fearless, by Max Lucado is a book that I predict will carry my far in 2010. I first heard about it during a church service in January and I've been absorbing the chapters slowly. It's all about living a life without fear, in essence fearing less instead of being fearful. There's so much to be fearful these days, disease, unemployment, global catastrophes, politics, your children's lives, losing your shirt in this economy, death, taxes, or even going into a dilapidated courthouse to argue your right to receive your security desposit while having to face a person you detest. Fear can lead to so many other things, anger, depression, deranged thinking, etc. And it can drive you so far off track from living richly (I'm not talking about cash, folks).

Max Lucado is an author my mother has been trying to get me to read for years. But I've been resistant as I am not a fan of Christian books. Sometimes they're too preachy, sometimes they're just right and then you find out later the author owns a private jet and gold toilet and then sometimes they are just right, as Fearless is. It's written for our times, with our times in mind and it makes you think about yourself, mostly and how to fear less in order to live more.

In 2010, I, Fearless. I was fearless when I hopped on a plane down to Atlanta, and I promised myself at the beginning of the year to acknowledge and face my fears head on when they pop up, typically when I have an opportunity to advance myself or my family. This book only confirms this personal initiative.

Won't those of you reading this do the same (if you aren't already)?

Disclosure: This was not a solicited book review. I like the above mentioned book and wanted to briefly share my experience with it. I paid for it and have had no interaction with nor direction from Max Lucado or any parties associated with him or the book, Fearless.

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