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My Job

Brooklyn Home Office, Minimized, At Night
This IS NOT my office, by the way. I wish! (Photo Credit: mkosut)

Throughout the course of the last 12 months, I've mentioned more than once that I'm not working --- at least not in the traditional sense. In the last several weeks. My "at home" skill set has landed me some very real interviews. Some have gone bust, some are still in progress.

Because I'm at home some might believe my job is to be homemaker. I know my wife believes this on occasion such as when despite the house being perfectly clean (sometimes Spic and Span clean) because I didn't take something to the cleaners I farted the whole day away.

I spend my days looking for work, creating work opportunities and investing in my most valuable asset --- the gray matter above my eyeballs. What I've always wanted has come to pass, I have become a student of the world.

But being a student in any capacity doesn't put food on the table. Thank God for a wife with a well-paying job, a formerly large savings account, a growing revenue stream from this blog and a potential photography business in the making.

But what is my real job?

  • To love my kids and make sure they know they're loved everyday --- even when they are wrong.
  • To provide them with everything that I have to give them.
  • To have the clarity of vision to see their needs. To have the discernment to prioritize them. To have the ability to address those which should be addressed.
  • To nurture them.
  • To talk to them.
  • To love, cherish and nurture them for who they are while giving little energy to who or what I may want them to be.
  • To provide them with a happy home. One they will be able to remember for the rest of their lives.

Everything else is secondary. But the secondary responsibilities drive all of the above.

It's Fatherhood Friday. What is your job (or rather the one you think is most important)?

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