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The Princess And The Frog DVD Giveaway

You don't have to tweet to enter this contest. You don't have to subscribe to my feed or become an email subscriber. You don't have to mention me, my blog or this contest on Facebook. You don't have to blog about it, trackback, and blah, blah, blah. The deadline to enter is Nevuary 40th, Two Thousand Never.


Because there is no contest, no giveaway, no nothing. At least not on this blog.


Well as no one has provided me with any reasons all I can do is run down the first things that came to this writer's mind.

  • I'm a guy.
  • I'm a dad.
  • It's not my demo(graphic).
  • I don't get enough traffic.
  • I'm a guy.

Believe it or not, I really wanted to be considered for a giveaway such as this back when the movie first came out. I started by writing what turned out to be one of my favorite posts, The Princess & The Frog - NYC Style! I linked to the Disney's Princess & The Frog Site. I linked to an article about Anika Noni Rose (the voice of Princess Tiana). I uploaded a photo slideshow that included music from the movie. If nothing else, I was certain the music would raise at least one eyebrow and get me shut down. But it never happened and the PR folk who could've easily pushed this giveaway on me never came knocking.

Now here's the facts:

  • A day hasn't passed since that movie premiered that I haven't spent at least 30 minutes of my evening as Prince Naveen, a general prince, or a king.
  • Updated: We both know the soundtrack to the movie word-for-word.
  • A weekend hasn't passed that I haven't helped my daughter slip into one of the two Princess Tiana dresses she owns (one of which I bought).
  • My daughter has a Princess Tiana sheet set and comforter. A backpack, dolls of all the characters of the movie, a blanket, a pillow book and about 3 books (including a Leap Pad version) that all tell in more or less detail the story of the Princess & The Frog. In fact, as of the writing of this post she managed to read half a new book I bought her on --- take a guess --- The Princess & The Frog.
  • Bottom line: I've been immersed into all things little girl and I'm used as a prop on a daily basis for fantasies, daydreams and playtime. Because I'm the prince, king, bad guy, frog, dragon, bear, whatever role needs to be filled by a male.

Now here are a few more facts:

  • My readership/subscribership is well past a thousand and quickly chasing down two thousand.
  • Out of the above number 65% are women.
  • Of this 65% approximately 70% are in the 35-44 age demo (people with kids and probably some degree of employment longevity).
  • And I'm going out on a limb here...I'm willing to theorize that many of these women who read me do so because they've already got the woman thing down (since they are women) and are interested in something different, something new, aka my readers might not read all the more popular mommy blogs and represent an untapped market.
  • And then what about the 35% male readership, almost all of which are over 35, have kids who I figure 50% (if we consider that there are only two genders) are girls?

And if not me (someone who doesn't use the word "dad" or "daddy" in my domain) what about more prominent dad blogs like Outnumbered Is Jason Mayo, quite possibly the wackiest blog I've ever come across. This guy is a stand up guy in person, a media savvy businessman and he has not one, but 2 daughters and a wife. To say he might be a little batteredseasoned in things women and girls is an understatement. Or my good buddy in Texas, MochaDad, who has a readership that dwarfs mine and as of late seems to be launching a new blog every other week? There's the powerhouse daddy blogger and Photoshop guru, Daddy Scratches. And then there's The Dad Man who is a category unto himself. There are just so many others. Now I don't know if any of them would want to do this promotion, but was the question even asked?

Given the new economy and the resulting new legion of at home dads who are tech savvy, and given that the dads that are blogging don't really give a damn what anyone thinks about their being open with their love of wife, sons and daughters, I cannot believe that a single man with kids with a blog was not asked to promote this DVD giveaway.

Seriously, I cannot.

If there is one or more out there then please let me know. I'd love to stand corrected. Because if not then I would like to simply say HELLO to those who would think a dad blog isn't the right fit for this type of product. Us dads and particularly us dads with daughters might not be at the height of superstardom that mommy bloggers enjoy (nor do I imagine most of us want the demands and rigors that come with that) are a viable and quintessential piece of the tapestry that is family and should be considered for more than just tech items, business improvement/optimization items, music and sporting goods.

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