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Humbly Turning The Page

As of late I've spoken more of generalities than specifics when it comes to my life. A personal blog such as mine can be about any number of things, but being personal is quintessential.

This afternoon I will get in my car and drive, casually dressed to impress, (it's hot!) to an interview for a position I passed on in the past, a position I figured didn't pay enough and might have even considered myself being "above."

Today is a new and beautiful day. Not one of desperation and humiliation, instead a beautiful one filled with humility and grace. One in which I realize that in order for the world to see and experience my value...the world has to see and experience my value. Meaning, I can't sit in my house closed off from the world waiting for what I perceive to be the right opportunity. I need to be in a spirit of receptiveness (as long as it makes sense) to move forward. I anticipate many doors opening from this point forward. My focus has returned to where it belongs (more on this in a subsequent post).

Things may or may not pan out. Who knows? But at least I am humbly and happily moving forward. I'm very happy about that, thank God.

Stay tuned.

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