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A Little Less Connectivity - A Whole Lot More Simple

Day 32/365 - Plugged In
Photo Credit: Tom Lin :3=

I used to think I was an Internet brat. Now I realize I'm a Wi-Fi brat.

All my life I've hated wires and cords. When I was a special event manager at Barnes & Noble, I obsessed over the various necessary wires and cords being hidden from wandering patrons' eyes. In the various homes I've struggled, daydreaming of behind the wall cable, and speaker wires. So last fall when the opportunity arose for me to turn my home into a Wi-Fi masterpiece I did. And each and everyday when I come home I marvel at how I can plug-in anywhere in my home without wires.

Not so at the Casa Del Payne, Chi Town. My folks have one computer stuffed in the corner of my old bedroom, "my daughter's room" with a cable modem plugged into it. I believe there's computer in the basement, but unless I want to trip, fall and get impaled on one of the many tools and items my father has scattered all over the place, I simply do not go there.

No different than being paralyzed in front of a television without a remote (what did we do before remotes?) I have had a hard time plugging in, staying informed, pouring over the Net. That is unless I simply walk over to the computer and actually sit down in front of it.

It's been like this for almost four days.

Not being able to fully utilize my laptop, my iPod Touch, and the host of other little devices that rule my day has been pure bliss. No, I can't stay abreast of World Cup action with my ESPN World Cup App, and I don't know the weather forecast from one hour to the next, but for now I'm at ease not being burdened with the crush of information I burden myself with all day and night at home in NY. As I have a lot on my mind I have been an insomniac for weeks, but instead of reaching for my iPod and surfing the Net til the sun comes up I've simply said a prayer or two (or three) turned back over and listened to the birds chirping outside. And of course, I can just get off my behind and walk to the computer if I need to.

I've engaged in so many conversations about how difficult life is, but the reality is that yes, while we are faced with difficult, troublesome and sometimes awful situations. Our commutes do suck, taxes are too high, it seems impossible to get ahead and it's too hot or cold outside. But at the source of our own personal distractions --- the things that keep us from doing what we need to do for ourselves and the things that prevent us from enjoying, appreciating, and living our day to day lives to the fullest (the life we live with ourselves), I doubt you can truly blame Obama or any other politician, your pastor, your husband, your wife, your kids, those kids down the block, the police, The Man or anyone else.

Just look in the mirror.

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