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What Is Love? ...An Open Letter

From the Desk of E.Payne...

July 14, 2010

Dear Wanton Wanter of Love,

You want love so bad, you can taste it.

You want love because it is so necessary for your life.

You want love because you deserve it.

But do you even know what love is?

Do you know what it feels, tastes, smells and looks like?

Do you truly understand how patient and kind it is?

Can you fathom the burden of understanding that it must bear?

Do you know that love forgives and forgets all things done against it?

Do you even have the space in your heart required for love?

Do you know that love seeks the best for others

and pays little attention to itself?

Do you know the power of love?

Love ends wars, changes hearts and gives life.

Love raises children, saves lives at the expense of self

and makes Good Samaritans into local heroes.

Love teaches children to grow up to be leaders.

Love guides religious leaders in the right way to lead their flocks.

Love gives hope in the face of unimaginable tragedy.

Love heals wounds...in time...

Love makes the days go by beautifully.

Love is the perfect director of regret-free living.

How is it that you want to receive love when love is given?

If you truly want love, you won't want for it at all.

Instead you'll be ready and full of praise when it comes.

Ready to be nourished by it and nourish in return.

You'll recognize it immediately, because it is already inside of you.



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