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Unexpected Gold - Starlight, Starbright

The Seven Sisters

Last night my daughter and I sat out on the terrace, me in my favorite lounge chair and she in my lap, wrapped in a blanket. We observed the deep indigo of the night sky, the gray clouds that were scattered throughout it, the three stars (my daughter saw 100) that hung above us and the "shooting stars" which were actually airplanes. With the exception of the occasional car that went speeding by on the street below, it was quiet and peaceful. Finally, she rested her head against one of my arms and told me, "I'm tired." I kissed her on her forehead, rubbed her back for a little while longer and continued to take it all in.

It was a quiet and unexpected moment of peace and beauty that I wouldn't trade for any party, club, lounge, hanging out with friends for anything else, except maybe having my wife and my son sitting there with me.

What unexpected precious moment(s) have you shared with your children?

Photo Credit: mattie_shoes

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