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Don't Plan To Not Succeed

Over the weekend, my fifteen year old asked the following question about his impending tryout today for his high school basketball team:

"If I don't make the team because you know [some inaudibly mumbled reason] will you find some other leagues for me to play in like the Y or AAU?"

Just as I was beginning to answer him, it registered in my head what he had actually just asked me. I cut myself off and responded in kind:

"Why are you planning not to succeed? The only thing you need to be focused on, besides school, is doing your best on Monday. We'll deal with whatever happens after that, if and when it happens, but don't anticipate not making the team."

He nodded and said, "Okay."

Be encouraged and be motivated in all your doing. Don't plan for an outcome that negates the very outcome you're seeking. That's called shooting yourself in the foot, or giving up the race before you've run it.

How do you encourage members of your family when they are facing challenges? How do you encourage yourself?

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