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For The Love Of Dad


Fellow Black And Married With Kids staff writer, Tara Pringle Jefferson, recently wrote a wonderful, short and sweet shout out to fathers. It's called Dads Need More Love:

I’ve written previously about how much my dad means to me and I always write about how my husband is also the World’s Greatest Dad and how he can handle things just fine.

But so often when we look at the parenthood, it focuses so much on Mom. Just look at the magazine industry: Parents, Parenting, American Baby. None of that says “Dads not welcome” but if Dad is mentioned it’s usually in an article giving Moms advice on how to “deal” with him and his ways.

Eh, forget all that. I’m not ashamed to say that I think my husband is the better parent. He’s more patient and more fun. He tickles the kids until they’re all out of breath and he comes home with treats “just because.”

He knows when we’re low on diapers and more miraclously appear before I can even fix my mouth to ask him to run to the store.

...to read the rest, check out the original article, Dads Need More Love.

Photo Courtesy: E.Payne

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