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WIVES: In Your Own Words

Yesterday, I asked Fans of the MMWH Facebook Page, who are wives, to complete the following statement:

"A wife is a woman who _____________."

These are some of the responses I received so far:

"...has to be strong enough to deal with her husband's foolishness and still allow him to be a man."

"...is always there no matter their faults, trusting in him, makes him feel safe and secure, being his strength when he's weak. just loving him for better or worst..."

"...loves the Lord and shows it through her actions toward her husband."

"...knows who she is, what shes worth and why she means so much to her husband. loves God and reflects that love in her interactions and words...and absence of words... respects that they're equally human and is able to gracefully handle imperfect circumstances and situations for the sake of the team (marriage)."

"...has many roles. Chef, Maid, Nurse, Mommy, Handyman, Personal Shopper --- the list goes on an on..."

"...holds it down no matter what even when he is wrong or right."

"...is her husband's everything. They have become one in God's eyes. She completes him and he has no complaints (well, sometimes, lol)."

"...means the world to her husband , when he is in her world there is no place he would rather be."
It is interesting to watch the dynamic. Some of the statements here are directly related to husbands, suggesting the condition of "wifedom" has everything to do with what a husband does or doesn't do. Some statements speak to teamwork and the nuances of marriage. Some are deeply spiritual. Mixed in with many of the above are assertions of wife should be, period, independent of a husband or what kind of day they might be having. Personally, I like these the most because the focus is on the self which ultimately makes the whole better. But that's just my opinion. What's yours?

What would you add to this growing list? What thoughts do you have on what you've just read?

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