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A Woman's Last Stand: Competing Burdens

So my hometown Bears blew it and so did my New York Jets. It will definitely be a blue collar Superbowl or a slugfest or some combination of both. All of which I'm fine with. It will be interesting to see if it's "Black & Yellow" or "Green & Yellow" when the smoke clears.

I just happened to be looking at some of the old Superbowl commercials from last year when I happened upon the following ad. If you recall, it was featured on this blog around this time last year.

As I continued my search, I noticed someone took it upon themselves to create a slick response video on behalf of women.

Warning: The following video contains one F-bomb and a B-word and a mention of breasts...

As the 2nd video didn't play on national TV there was no need for censorship. The first makes light of "A Man's Burden" to promote a testosterone-mobile. The second had no product to promote. It was pure commentary. And based on the final sentiment, it came off a little mean-spirited. It wasn't unlike the tone of most conversations between men and women on the topic of who has it worse. I do not disagree with the "Woman's Burden" as it was described. I presume the haggard look of the women versus the hopeless look of the men also speaks to the director's view that this burden is not only heavier, but one that is unsung and comes at a beauty-robbing price.

I'm not a woman so I can't speak to reality of that existence. So I'll ask the question: Is this what it really what it boils down to for you? What do you think about the video, Woman's Last Stand?

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