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Renee Ross: A Journey to Healthy Living

A Guest Post by Renee Ross

In November 2009 I decided to finally stick to my guns and begin a journey to healthy living. It wasn’t my first attempt, I’d tried two other times in very public ways during that year but was unsuccessful. However, given the alarming statistics regarding African-American women, obesity and the subsequent repercussions on our health I could not continue to be a statistic. My entire family has a history of hypertension and my aunt was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. in November 2009 I weighed in at over 200 pounds on was on the fast track to health problems.

The week of Thanksgiving I embarked on the journey to healthy living and seven months later I’d lost 50 pounds, ran my first 5K and was prepping for a half-marathon. Although I’ve always known the tools for healthy living - my emotional state prohibited me from making the best decisions for my health. My decision to live healthy, hopefully prolonging my life and stay around for my son is one that I don’t regret.

I will not lie and say it has been easy. Like everyone battling the bulge I have good days and bad days. Sometimes I ease back into old habits like emotional eating. Other times I just don’t feel in the mood to exercise but the difference between now and years ago is that I don’t let myself completely give up. I recognize that tomorrow is another day and even if I gain a few pounds I have the tools in my toolbox to get rid of them before it becomes problematic.

I will say here and now that I will never be obese again. I will be fit and healthy and I will work on it daily. Although being healthy is challenging I am committed to living a long life. In October I ran the Nike Women’s Half-Marathon and raised over $5000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. On Sunday, February 27th on the day after my 41st birthday I ran my 2nd half-marathon, the Disney Princess, and it was totally and completely for me. Although I was not as prepared as I was for my first endurance race I remained committed to my goal and completed it with a smile.

This Princess has plans to stay around for many years to come. If you need encouragement on your journey to healthy living you can certainly visit me at my blog, on facebook, twitter and YouTube. Inspiring others inspires me and I love hearing success stories!

Renée is the author of Cutie Booty Cakes where she blogs about her life as healthy and fit mom. She is a contributing editor for BlogHer.com and has appeared in The Atlanta Constitution Journal, Parents Magazine, Southern Living, The Victory Project on MSN and has been seen on National and local television. In a nutshell, she is one busy lady!

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