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How To Be Rich While Living A Modest Life

Money 2Fret not if you live a modest life. Though you may want more, believe you need more and spend your sleeping hours dreaming of more, understand that once you embrace what you have versus what you don't, your life becomes instantly filled with the riches that come with appreciation and gratitude.

Dads and moms of modest incomes and pedigrees (I am included in this bunch), though you may feel as if you are on the outside looking in, as if your kids might not have enough, you live a life of less woe and less worry as the burden you carry is lighter --- should you choose to allow it to be so. As long as you are actually carrying the load you've been given...

Don't burden yourself with what you don't have. Until you are blessed with more, carry the load you are currently designed to with a smile on your face and joy in your heart. Then you will realize your riches are overflowing.

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