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Back To School With Crocs - That's Right Crocs

My daughter has had a at least one pair of Crocs in her life since she began to wear shoes. Each pair has been more sophisticated than the last pair but they've all been variations on the same theme: some sort of open-toe or open-heel shoes made of some kind of foamy rubbery stuff. They are the quintessential wash and wear summer slip on. She's rarely worn them to school and on those occasions (when Mom dressed her in them) the teacher would always pull me aside at the end of the day to politely ask me to make sure she wears closed toe shoes. Well now the game has changed.

Hover Sneak Ultraviolet Metallic For Girls
Although I've never complained to Crocs someone or a few people must have because they have a new line of school approved shoes for kids in grades K-8. My daughter suffers from TMP (Too Much Pink) so when the folks at Crocs offered me a pair of their School on the Outside/Summer on the Inside shoes for her to wear and me to review, I picked the Hover Sneak for Girls in Ultraviolet/Black. The easiest way to describe this pair of shoes is low-top Chuck Taylor on the outside and all Crocs on the inside. And the verdict? My daughter loves them! This is major considering that she has been raised in the way of your average discerning female shoe addict.

In addition to the above shoe, Crocs.com has 18 different styles of school approved, closed-heel, closed-toe shoes for girls and boys. If you live in a warm climate like I do, these breathable, lightweight shoes with a little dab of baby powder (corn starch) on the insole will keep your kid's feet cool and dry.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary pair of girl's sneakers from Crocs for the purpose of this review. The views and opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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