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Turning 40: 7 Secrets To Staying Young

At 6:48am this morning I turned 40 years old. I don't feel any different than the day before or the hundreds of days preceding today. I've done some thinking about it though and come up with this short list of not-so secrets to staying young at heart, mind and soul. Hopefully by doing these things the body will also follow suit:

  1. Never begin a sentence with, "I'm too old to..." You're never too old to do anything (accept maybe going to the club and that's maybe worth a once a year visit). You'll only be too old to do something once you tell this to yourself and anyone else who's listening.
  2. Challenge yourself at least once a month to do something youve never done or tried before. A new type of food, a new activity, etc.
  3. Don't enter a room intent on being the smartest person there. Make sure you enter that room confident in your knowledge of self and you'll never go wrong. Humility trumps arrogance every time.
  4. Pamper yourself with me-time. Do things for yourself that you like to do and that are also good for you. This can be going to movies, a spa day (men you don't have to share this with anyone), morning walks or runs (my daily favorite), reading, getting a good night's rest, eating healthy, practicing that hobby you're passionate about...the possibilities are endless. You simply have to explore and pursue you to (re)discover what you enjoy.
  5. Love with all your heart, your mind and your soul. Allow yourself not only to give love but to receive it as well. Remove all the dramatic wanting from the equation. Don't wait for anyone else. Just start loving on your own. Love the air that you breathe, love the sun that shines above your head, love the life that you've been given and if you don't love love the fact that you know you aren't happy and craft a plan for change. Love yourself because no one else will until you do first - except maybe your mother.
  6. Spend more time offline than on. Unless your on-call as an IT director pull your face out of your phone, log off Facebook so you can't get your updates, turn off the computer and live life, like you did before all this so-called connectivity existed. Don't live your life around Likes and Tweets. Instead of getting up to check the status of friends hundreds of miles away go to your window, take a few deep breaths and decide your own status as the day begins. Saying a prayer or two has never hurt either.
  7. Surround yourself with people who will sharpen you. You can't pick your family but you definitely have the power choose your friends. Choose well. Folks who encourage, inspire and support you are the ones you want in your corner. Those who won't tolerate you slacking off are the ones you want in your corner. Those who can share a good laugh, and know you at your best and worst and love you anyway are the ones who are keepers.
Thanks for reading!

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