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A Grown Man's Drawer

A Grown Man's Drawer

No way I was providing a "Before" picture...

When I was a child I thought and acted like a child...

But now that I am a man I put away childish things... or something like that...

Rather than continue to complain that I only have one drawer in my bathroom built for two people...

Rather than roll my eyes and curse quietly to myself because when I opened my drawer I couldn't find anything I wanted and then couldn't close it back...

Rather than ask that people (the wife) respect my property, I decided to get even...

I got organized!

A couple months back I began working on a product-sponsored garage organization project. This got me in the mind frame of being organized and reminded me that I am in fact a neat freak despite living with a teen, a five year old girl who does her best to clean up after herself and a...well I'll just leave it at that.

I've become a student of Ikea once more after abandoning them several years ago. I visit there every Saturday because it's across the street from my daughter's Saturday morning dance classes. And not for their furniture that takes years to assemble. It's so big and blue and yellow, how could anyone resist, especially first thing in the morning before the entire planet shows up to shop. Plus the catalog is in the bathroom and during my morning...resolutions...I research space and organization solutions page by page. By the weekend I'm filled with new ideas and anxious to test them out.

What am I gonna do with this drawer? I've been thinking. I was pricing shelving, baskets to stick in my closet, etc. when it dawned on me to just get a drawer organizer and then throw out all the crap I wasn't using or had expired.

You'll see from the picture above that my drawer is one of surplus as well as daily needs. All balled up and thrown together it truly was not a good look.

Beginning clockwise in the upper right hand corner you'll see that I placed my non-essentials in the back of the drawer. Don't ask why I have 4 tubes of travel toothpaste and I rarely travel. Moving forward there are my Invisalign cases that now hold my retainers, generic Ben Gay, my one remaining bottle of cologne (time for someone to restock me) deodorants, dental floss and over the counter painkillers for the occasional headache that refuses to go away.

Moving over to 6 o'clock you see my grooming tools placed in the drawer organizer I purchased from Ikea for a mere three bucks. I'm sure they are cheaper at Target and Wal-Mart but I was at Ikea on the day of my aha moment over my drawer and I struck while the iron was hot! Above that section at approximately 9 o'clock you'll find my contact lens supplies and eye drops along with my allergy medications --- my Epi Pen for those awful moments when I inadvertently eat something I shouldn't and my pump that I've been directed to use prior to working out in cold weather to ward off a cold-weather asthma attack (not pleasant at all, especially if you're like me and don't have asthma and think you're having a heart attack because while working out you suddenly become short of breath).

Behind this section, back again at the back of the drawer there are more surplus items, cough drops, q-tips and bandages. What was once a disaster of a drawer and the butt of many jokes when we have company is now no longer a laughing matter. Now when someone other than me opens my drawer they are taken aback by it's seriousness. It quietly announces, "Don't ______ with me. Please put everything back where you found it." And it doesn't even raise it's voice.

I have a grown-man drawer.

Now all I have to do is lobby to get two.

Disclosure: No one paid me to write this post or even suggested the idea to me. But I'd love to be paid to write all of my posts. I'd love to put my kids through college with this blog - or at least get them through Christmas. Contact me here if you're interested in working with me.

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