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Blown And Lost Opportunities

There are definitely situations where we blow or miss opportunities. We have the option to be nice to a stranger or someone we know, yet we choose to act otherwise; we don't study for exams that we know count for major percentages of our grades; that hotness on two legs was waiting, obviously waiting for you to come over and talk to her. But you waited or took too long to move until someone else did.

But the following question begs asking regarding "lost" opportunities:

How do you lose something that wasn't yours to begin with? When ten people are finalists for a job where only one is being selected, do nine people actually lose that opportunity or is it simply the case that the opportunity always had been intended for the person who was offered the position (whether or not this person blows it is completely up to them (see paragraph 1))? And if you lost the opportunity does that mean the person that got it stole it from you (I'm speaking about situations where deceit and theft actually are not involved)?

You can claim a job, a car, a woman, a man, a vacation, a whatever all you want but unless you have the power of foreknowledge there is no way you can know it's yours until you arrive and occupy that space for a while. I've thought many a opportunity to be mine.

I've thought wrong.

Upon arriving in that space I coveted so fiercely I was compelled to ask the question, "What the hell?" Meaning, what in the world was I thinking? How pure was the peyote they were handing out when I convinced myself I should be here? Seriously?

There are blown opportunities and there are opportunities that simply don't belong to you. The hard part comes when, for the latter, you learn the opportunity doesn't have your name on it. This is only a bad thing when we layer on top of it our expectations, our desires, our anxiety and then most poisonous, we lasso to it our self-esteem, self-worth and value. Please, don't do this folks. Don't fret if it's not yours this time around. Don't get discouraged. Keep trying. It will come. Love the experience. Live to move into the opportunity that has your name on it.

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