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Television Casting Call For Atlanta Families With Teens

Studio Lambert, the studio that brought you "Undercover Boss" is working on a new show called "It Takes A Village" for the Oprah Winfrey Network. They will be casting in Atlanta soon and may be looking for a family just like yours!

Each episode will feature a family confronting challenges with their teens (just like on "Supernanny")... but the show will rally the community to help the family.  The help will come from friends, family, neighbors and free services. At the end of the day, the show intends to create a greater sense of community for the whole neighborhood.

For example, this family might have a son failing in math, yet they don't know there is a retired math teacher living at the end of their block who would love to help... Or, in the family there's a teen boy who needs a strong male parent figure (that they do not currently have), and they are helped by a male neighbor by taking the child out to baseball games, etc.  But these are just examples-- the net is wide open for suggestions! There are obviously many different kinds of troubles a family can be having. See the details after the jump:

- Oprah Winfrey Network -
The company bringing you Undercover Boss has a new family show!
This show is positive, uplifting and will offer solutions.
Raising a family is a challenge for every parent ...
We're seeking families who are at the end of their rope
with the kids' behavior:
• Does your teen break all your rules?
• Is your child a victim of peer pressure or bullying?
• Is your child acting out, talking back, failing school?
• Smoking, drinking, experimenting with drugs?
• Ditching, sneaking out, or hanging out with the wrong crowd?
• Have you tried everything, but nothing is working?

• Families must have at least two children who live at home
• At least one child should be a teenager

To Apply:
• Your name, email AND phone number
• Names and ages of everyone living in household
• City where you live, a little about the neighborhood and type of home (house, condo, apartment)
• Brief description of the family's problems
• 2 current family photos
Put your LAST NAME and CITY in the subject line - email to:

Disclaimer: I did not receive any compensation whatsoever to promote this project. It just sounds like a good initiative so I'm sharing it here.

Thanks for reading! To learn more about me, you can read my story.

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