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Monday's with Michelle: TGIM?

Happy Monday good people, I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! I've got another "in case you missed it" today.... I posted this last week on my Foodie Blog and it is alllllll about Potatoes. Yes. Potatoes, the most beloved starch on planet earth. Well, at least at my house. In case you are wondering, "Why all the repeats?" Well, I am training for my first Half Marathon and we are down to crunch time, so all I have time to do is run, stretch, eat clean and drink water... and sleep and work too. That being said I'll be re-posting some of my favorite and most popular posts over the next few weeks as I continue to prepare for those 13.1 miles. Wish me luck! Now on to the Potatoes!!

Kartoffeln. Patatas. Aardappelen. ΠΑΤΑΤΕΣ. pommes de terre.

They are awesome  in any language. They are the perfect side dish to so many different meals. Lately, my favorite method of preparing this lovely little starch is in a saute pan with leeks... very simple but oh so delish.

(Find the recipe here: Red Potatoes with Leeks)

Another great, simple  potato recipe is one that I featured on Makes me wanna Holler a while back, Monday's with Michelle: Rosemary Potatoes.

(Find the printable recipe here: Rosemary Potatoes)

Both of these recipes are very simple, healthy, yummy and super easy to make. Here's a few other great potato recipes from some of my favorite sites:

Oven-Roasted Greek Potatoes from food.com

Scalloped Potato Gratin from Tyler Florence
YukonGold Potatoes: Jacques Pepin Style from Rachel Ray

Last but not least, I absolutely can not have a post about potatoes and not post Julia Child's French Chef episode dedicated to potatoes (she is hilarious by the way)... Enjoy!

Hope you all have a yummy week! As always, Don't forget to visit my Foodie Blog for more recipes, food tips and other foodie fun.

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading! To learn more about me, you can read my story.

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