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How To Survive During Pollen Season

Is it really surviving or is it simply existing? Even the most unfazed by anything among us are finding themselves sniffling now that Spring has sprung. Why? Because due to the sudden onslaught of warm weather everything green thing is in bloom. In a couple of months this will be a beautiful thing. But right now all these plants and trees are blooming, AT THE SAME TIME. After a recent trip to California, where it was cold and rainy (go figure?), I came home to Atlanta to a neon green dustbowl. Cars every color of the rainbow now all look as if they've been dusted with bright lime green flour.

Then came the sneezing. The itchy, watery eyes. The scratchy throat. The swollen sinuses. The never ending headache behind your eyeballs. The phlegm.

Antihistamine and psudephedryn help to subdue these symptoms or at the very least assist in one's tolerance of the unbearable. If this doesn't work, then a trip to an allergist and a dust mask might be another option for you. You can also follow these simple tips to increase your quality of life during a time period none of us have any control over:

  1. If you have a hose, use it to hose down your cars just before sunset and before driving them into your garage.
  2. While you're at it hose down your front stairs and the front door, if you use them to enter and exit your house. Doing this will prevent you from tracking pollen in through your front door and will keep it off your hands.
  3. If you have a dog that hangs out in the backyard or that you take for walks, wipe down his or her paws and coat before you let them get too far into the house.
  4. If you want to hang outside or let the kids play after school, do it just before dusk when the pollen count is at its lowest for the day. Mornings are highest.
  5. Wash your hands as soon as you come inside.
  6. Take a shower before going to bed to get it off your skin. Take in deep breaths of the shower steam to soothe, clean and moisturize your sinuses. 
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