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Talking the Talk...Too Much

At a very critical point in my life I talked too much. But I'm glad I learned during this critical time via critical mistakes. From them I learned not to kiss and tell, not to reveal my dreams until they were close to being realized and most important, be careful who you share your information with, perceived friends may prove to be real foes armed with what you thought were your secrets.

I distinctly remember the day: I was a junior in college, a somewhat new member of my fraternity and there was some event coming up that involved girls. I distinctly remember (to this day) making a comment about not having a date and a frat brother quickly remarking that it was always something with me, some drama, some debacle, some something that always had my name on it. At first I was shocked' then I was upset and attempted to defend myself and then this particular individual began to tell me about all my antics and exploits, not because he had some sort of inside scoop on me but he was repeating the very things I had told him and anyone else who'd listen at the time. I was talking too much. In honesty, how could I be mad at the consequences I created?

Well I was. But I didn't stay mad for long. I got even. But not in the traditional sense of the phrase.

Similar to Eddie Murphy's character in the movie, A Thousand Words, I stopped talking. But unlike him I didn't have the threat of dying over my head. It was tough at first but let me tell you the results were in stark contrast to the open book/joke I had once been. No one could dash my dreams and aspirations if they didn't know them, no one could use my life as fodder for jokes if they didn't have any details, no one would ever use trusted information against me again. Did this mean that I never opened my mouth again? Of course not, but I became more discerning with who I spoke to, how soon and how much I shared.This discernment, discretion has served me well in adulthood, particularly in the workplace.

Sound familiar? Please let me know in the comments below.

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