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Getting Put on the Spot At Target

A couple of days ago I was minding my business, heading into Target to get a garbage pail (the old school one) to stash the pup's poo after taking him on walks rather than the main trash. Well I didn't find the trash can but someone in my field saw me. James Andres, otherwise known as @KeyInfluencer on Twitter has a social media resume as long as my arm, maybe even my leg. In any event he recognized me and interviewed me on the spot via Social Cam. I was very concerned as my bald head is usually quite shiny by nightfall and most of my strength was zapped by a cough I caught from my daughter.

I can't embed the video in this post so you will have to watch it by clicking here.

I don't stress Target as many people do. James even began his interview mentioning the idea that people are on display at Target. I know women who put on makeup to go to Target. I've never paid it much mind.

Maybe I should start.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Was I on my Ps and Qs? Did I seem prepared to be caught off guard or am I caught off guard?

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