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Out Of The Womb of Failure

I screwed up royally last week, passing on a high-paying opportunity and then feeling worse when I tried to backtrack off my initial stance. I sealed my fate the second I opened my mouth and probably epoxy-super-glued it when I came back to backtrack. I spent about 18 hours feeling like I had failed and well, I had. I did everything you're not supposed to do --- I was honest about my feelings and what I wanted. But in the midst of my self-admonishment an idea sprang forth directly based on that failure and now I have a crystallized game-plan, one that might be the most solid I've ever had. One I can pitch and talk about in my sleep. No more convincing myself first in hopes that I'll convince someone else. Thanks failure! Out of the womb of failure, success is born. (As long as you don't stay trippin' over the failure part).

Stay tuned.

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