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Mondays With Michelle: Yummy Travels

I have been doing quite a bit of traveling over the last couple of weeks. Denver, Seattle, and then back down south to Destin for a quick weekend getaway. Travel for a foodie like me equals indulging in the local fare and of course lots of enticing food photos.

Check out my delicious journey...

Denver, CO
Denver does beer right! This local pumpkin ale was so good!
To the right is a bison burger with sweet potato tater tots. This was actually
was my first time trying bison... it was divine!

 Seattle, WA
Seattle was a beautiful city! The fresh seafood was so wonderful!
Nothing like Pike Place Market. 
 Destin, FL
This was my first trip to Destin, the beach was so beautiful and there was enough
seafood to go around! Crab boils, shrimp and lobster pasta and more crab legs!
Destin is only a 5 hour drive from Atlanta, so it was the perfect getaway!

What city would like to eat your way through? Post your comments below!

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See you back here on Monday, October 29th... Thanks for reading!

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