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Give Your Wife Romance, Not Grief

When my wife is out I worry, not about what she is doing or who she is with, but whether or not she is safe. But rarely have I properly expressed this concern. Meaning I usually am a complete grouch by the time she gets in. She picks up on my bad attitude immediately and things have traditionally devolved from there. That is, if she even makes it home without me blowing up her phone to demand where she is. The latter action usually only happens if it really begins to get late. Regardless of the reason, neither of us have gone to bed happy.

But I'm a different person now (long story on this another time).

Recently my wife was out at a networking dinner with her associates and I did everything that I always do: cleaned the house and put the kids to bed (well I made the big one go to bed). But I added a couple steps:
  1. I didn't stress her while she was out at all, and 
  2. Close to the time she said she was coming home I lit a candle and set out a bottle of unopened wine and two glasses and left it on the kitchen table so the presentation would be waiting for her when she came through the front door.

It was well received.

What made the difference? Instead of bitching about why she wasn't home, I gave her something to come home to. We ate (crackers and proscuitto), drank and happily discussed her evening out.

If you've never considered greeting your wife at the door with something romantic and not just sexual, you should try it. It works.

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