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For The Love of Fatherhood

My Tuesday went sideways when I received a call from my daughter's school 40 minutes after arriving to work. I packed up my desk, walked rout the door and drove 30 miles right back to where I had just dropped her off. I collected my sick and weary child, took her out to lunch and drove back to work to make a meeting I was running.

I expected my Wednesday evening to be a mellow one once I got home from work, taking turns with my wife who opted to keep her home from school and work from home. Instead I never went to sleep, staying up all night watching over her as she struggled to sleep despite all that was paining her.

Today I just knew she'd be better, and looked forward to tearing through my to-do list. Instead she began to fade almost immediately after waking up. I called her doctor every hour on the hour from 11am to 3pm until we had an appointment at 5pm. She got a couple of shots, more meds than I'd care for her to have and is on the mend. We celebrated at Wendy's. Now she's asleep and I'm still awake, trying to take inventory of all that I was supposed to do today. But you know what? All that stuff can take a back seat or suck and egg as us old folks used to say when we were young'ns. I wouldn't trade being a father for anything in the world. My job as caretaker of my kids is the best job I've ever had...and then some. I'm sure there's plenty of people who disagree, but I wouldn't have it any other way. In good times and bad I've been blessed by the experience - It all Makes Me Wanna Holler!

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