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An Oatmeal-Smooth Shave

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Dad Central Consulting for AVEENO. I received product samples and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.”

There's not much to primp about when you're a dad, or at least it's highly unlikely that there's much time to do so with all that is on our plates. Much of this by our families. But most of us all have that one thing we don't skimp on. For me, this one thing is shaving.

From being a prepubescent kid with no hair, to a teen with peach fuzz, to a young man with razor bumps to the man that I am today I tie my manhood into my shaving routine. It is the ritual I looked forward to and worked many years to perfect. I've shopped for shave creams and pre-shave oils as far away as the United Kingdom and spent on shaving brushes what some might spend on groceries for the weekend. There's nothing like working up a real lather with a shave brush and making it and everything beneath it disappear with a diamond sharpened safety razor --- my razor of preference, or your garden variety mega-quadruple-action razor blade available at your local store. You come through the bathroom door smelling a natural, spicy lavender, lemon or jasmine. Your skin looks young and fresh, if you couldn't grow a sprig of peach fuzz if you tried. And it's noon.

The Problem

Herein lies the problem with the perfect shaving routine ---- it is a labor of love. Unless you shave the night before, which in my case schedules my five o'clock shadow to come forth around two-thirty, there is entirely too much to do in the morning to spend ten to fifteen minutes getting your face ready for the day, longer if you have a bald head.

The Question

So when I don't have the time, all week long, I opt for something a lot more affordable, a little quicker and more functional and durable. Something I can take in the shower with me and not run the risk of washing $35 down the drain. But here's the problem, how do you do this without sacrificing your face using low-cost shaving creams and face washes filled with menthol and alcohol to trick you into think your tingling skin is manly?

The Answer

You don't sacrifice your face.

I wasn't surprised when I began using AVEENO® Mens Products because I've used their lotions and face soaps (teen acne days) for many years. I'm familiar with how their ACTIVE NATURALS® Oat ingredient works to cleanse, moisturize and soothe skin. When my daughter was teeny tiny we gave her baths with an AVEENO brand product to soothe her baby eczema flare-ups.

Get The Right Shave Right Now

After spending two weeks using the Men's Face Wash, Shave Gel and After Shave Lotion I can say I'm getting the same smooth shaves as I do from using higher-end men's grooming products. They make good on the promise that it's designed specifically for the needs of men's skin. My face is evenly soft to the touch despite being dry in some spots and oily in others. If feels healthily moisturized from sun up to sundown without crossing over into oily-land. When I pop the cap on the Shave Gel in the morning I'm always greeted with a subtly cool fresh scent that gets me ready to face the day.

If you're looking for an affordable alternative to high-end shaving products or a quality alternative to the shaving products you've been using for too long, allow me to recommend AVEENO Mens Products.

What makes or breaks your facial shaving routine? Do you shave in the morning or at night?

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