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Mondays With Michelle: Summertime Gelato Goodness

Happy Monday Foodie Friends!
I had to go back in time and dig out one of my favorite summertime posts, the Summertime=Ice Cream time post of course! Enjoy... it's delicious!

With summer officially upon us, now is the perfect time to share my favorite Italian Ice cream spot with you... Paolo's Gelato Italiano in the Virginia Highlands. It is the best ice cream in Atlanta. If you live in Atlanta, like I do and you haven't been, get there asap. If you plan on visiting, include this as a stop on your itinerary. It reminds me of the delish authentic Italian ice cream shops from my home town in Germany, and it doesn't get much better than that!

Paolo's servers over 62 fresh homemade flavors that change weekly (check out the list of flavors here). The even have a “Gelato Alert” that you can sign up for to get an email with the list of flavors that they will be serving for the upcoming  week. They have just about any flavor you can think of... Flower flavors like, Orange Blossom and Rose; Vegetable flavors like Avocado and Basil; and of course all the traditional cream and fruit based flavors like Chocolate, Banana and Strawberry (and many, many more). My absolute favorite thus far is their Pistachio ice cream. It is like heaven in your mouth. I’m not a huge fan of regular ol’ store bought pistachio, but this ice cream...you have to taste it to believe it.   

Yummy Ice Cream line up for the day at Paolo's
Yummy Pistachio!
They have kid friendly sizes and they are also open late, so it's a great place for a treat day or night. One thing I should mention though, is that they accept cash only... so make sure you hit the ATM machine on your way over there. I can't tell you how many times I've had to scavenge in my car and the bottom of purse for loose change to collect enough money for a small scoop of deliciousness. By the way, I don't work for Paolo's or anything, I just love it so much I think everyone should have a chance to indulge! Enjoy!

What is your favorite Summertime ice cream flavor? Post your comments below.
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Thanks for reading!

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