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Sleeper Hold

Over the past couple of weeks I've developed the Midas Touch when it comes to putting my daughter to sleep. It's a combination of rocking, bouncing and swaying a 36-pound 2 year-old. The longest it's taken me to put her down is 15 minutes. The shortest is about 90 seconds. I've gotten so good at it that she now requests my services when she is ready to knock off for the night, but is too crazed to do so on her own. This shouldn't be confused with what is commonly referred to as a sleeper hold --- the offensive move commonly and illegally used by some cops and wrestlers to make someone pass out.

Now, if I can only perfect my method so that it takes maybe 30-seconds or less and doesn't require any lifting...I'd use it on my wife when we argue and then I'd create an instruction manual and sell it to men worldwide.

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