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Wednesday's Question(s) of the Week: What Matters Most?

I haven't asked a Question of the Week in months. Now is as good a time as ever to throw one out there so without any further procrastination:

Several conversations I had during my weekend stay in Atlanta were about meaning...the meaning of life, what really matters, why do I do what I do, could or should I be doing something else, etc., etc. If this current economy (and all the other daily madness) has had any positive effect on the microcosm, it has been to cause people to stop (be stopped) in their tracks, or at least slow down (be slowed down) a bit, and look inward. On my way back to NYC, I read a cover story in USA Today about how older white males are hurt more by this recession. But it didn't end before showcasing how many of these men are reinventing themselves.

People are going back to school, many people are tapping into their creative talents with a jackhammer (I'm raising my hand, right now), some are looking to be more of service to others, and still more are simply trying to put food on the table and keep their shirts on their backs. If you haven't had one of these conversations I encourage you to indulge in one with your friends, spouses or coworkers. What might begin as a depressing exercise can definitely become enlightening and empowering.

Besides the obvious paycheck...

  • What Matters Most To You?
  • Has This Economy Created New Goals/Priorities For You?
  • If You Want To Make A Change, Are You Doing Anything About It?
  • If You Are A Spouse Or A Parent Are You Conflicted Because of Your Individual Wants?

Answer one, or answer them all. It's up to you. I just hope it gets you thinking and working.

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