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Our Loving Day

heart shadow from wedding ring

A week ago today my wife and I celebrated our 2nd year of wedded life together --- our Loving Day as my daughter puts it. 2 years ago we were on a mountain bluff off the South coast of Barbados exchanging vows at 4 pm. This year at 4pm I was sitting on cold metal bleachers watching my son's football team stomp out their opponents like someone had stolen from them (they are currently undefeated). My daughter was yelling at the sun to go away because it was in her eyes. And it wasn't warm at all. But it was all good.

The good people at Volkswagen helped out by giving me a loaded Campanella White Touareg TDI to drive for the week; I had semi-detailed plans for a weekend jaunt to Toronto, Canada or Philly (as a backup). I knew my son would have plans for the weekend as he seeks to be out of the house as much as possible these days. The plans hung entirely on someone being able or willing to watch babygirl for the weekend.

Here is where my plans crashed and burned.

That's the way life goes sometimes for parents, particularly parents of little ones. Desperate to go anywhere, I initially begrudgingly included our kids in our plans and shifted gears to plan a family weekend trip. Needless to say, everything was booked and what wasn't was either overpriced or charged by the hour. I went to bed a sad and sorry chap.

The next morning my son abandoned us after football practice to spend the night at a friend's house (after begging me to set him free). On a whim I decided I needed some retail (window shopping) therapy and dragged the wife and daughter to Woodbury Commons. We stayed until the place closed and none of us left empty handed. On Sunday, we picked up the boy and headed upstate to Wilkens Fruit And Fir Farm for an afternoon of spontaneous apple and pumpkin picking and some amazing apple cider donuts made from scratch.

Bottom line: Things don't always go as planned. What are you gonna do? Bitch about it on a blog, or have a good time anyway? I/we opted to have a good time. Hopefully sooner, rather than later we will celebrate our Loving Day.

When have you had to go with plan B, or C, D, E, or F? Did it work?

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