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The Best of Makes Me Wanna Holler

I've been thinking lately that at 20 posts shy of 500, many of you who visit my blog are just taking it in on a daily basis. You don't see where or who I was 2 years ago when my baby was 2, my boy was 12 and I was a freshly minted married man. Now as I'm up for 2010 Black Weblog Nominations in the following categories: Best Writing In A Blog & Best Personal Blog (please visit and nominate me if you haven't done so already), and now that potential is brewing for me to create a real live book from the content of all these posts I wanted to reintroduce you to all that made and sometimes still makes me holler.

It is debatable whether the following list is the best of this blog but the metrics do not lie as far as what you the reader, reads. So to thank you for reading, rather than butter you up with giveaways (which isn't the worst thing in the world), I present the "Best" of me.

Thank you!

  1. I Hate Cats

  2. About Me (The Original)

  3. Photos, Photos & More Photos

  4. Married Life

  5. The Worst Sex Talk EVER!

  6. 7 Things You Should NOT Say To Your Wife...

  7. When A Dad Attacks

  8. Family

  9. I Didn't Invented Sex

  10. My Piano Keys

  11. How To Love A Black Woman

  12. Bullet Proof

To my more recent readers, please dig in.

To my oldheads who've been with me as I spit all this out, I hope you enjoy the walk down memory lane.

Thanks again for the support, and allowing me to share a little of me with you.

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