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How To Stay Focused on Your Fitness Goals - Bye Bye, Backfat! Hello, Boxing Gloves!

PhotobucketI'm still plugging away with the Bye Bye, Backfat! Hello Boxing, Gloves (tm) boxing regimen. And I'm still doing it over at LA Boxing, Mamaroneck (click the logo to the left to visit their page). My goal remains the same and I remain committed to reaching it.

But this doesn't mean I haven't run headfirst into some distractions along the way.

As I finalize my move South and learn to let gosay goodbye to New York City, a place I've known since 1994 and can't honestly say I successfully conquered, stress and random emotions have erupted in my life. As have a few all-nighters spent packing and moving and then unpacking down there.

These have all factored into a recent slump of poor sleeping and eating habits combined with not being able to get in a regular workout. As I have been up all night I've been eating during those wee hours when I get hungry. And unless you are a goat (I am not), I don't know anyone who actively seeks out grains or vegetables at 3 am. No, I've been eating hamburgers, french fries, hot dogs, Chinese food and several other comfort foods almost non-stop for three weeks. I've been downing milkshakes like water and I somehow managed to get myself cracked out on Ting, an unbelievably delicious carbonated grapefruit beverage made by D&G. Right about now, water might as well be acid. The biggest tragedy in all this, during the moving, I misplaced my beloved jump rope for 2 weeks. (Do you hear gasping? Because I'm gasping right now.)

So instead of continuing to shed the pounds I've managed to add a few. Approximately four. I can see it in the mirror. And I'm not pleased. I now have experienced one of the greatest motivators for staying in shape:

Watching yourself get out of shape while getting into shape.

For me it has been a necessary reminder that I am not out of the woods yet. I am not so "good" that I can get dumb with my eating habits. I've given myself until the end of the week to get my act together. I've got a birthday just around the corner and a goal that coincides with that date. At the end of the day, disappointment is a much worse dish when you serve it to yourself.

If I am guilty of anything it is being human. Taking a break from a discipline definitely will not kill you. But that break needs to be short if you don't want to shortchange yourself. Only you will suffer from cheating on yourself. That juicy burger or that salami sandwich with prosciutto eaten without regard is cheating.

Be human, but don't cheat yourself. Keep your goal out in front of you, namely in the mirror where you can see it.

What methods/strategies to you use to stay focused on your fitness goals?

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