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What A Single Woman Wants: Part 3

by RaN’ae A. Bacon

When the opportunity arose for me to write about what single women want, I thought, “I could do this!”

All single women could, right? How many times have we been out on a first date and had to answer the proverbial question, “So, what is that you are looking for in a man?” But as I write this, I have to admit that the answer is different for everyone.

Everyone knows the textbook answers. We want trust, honesty, passion, humor, and a family oriented spiritual man that interested in a monogamous relationship that can rock the boardroom as well as the bedroom. All of these qualities are a given.

Now, I don’t want to use the word older so I will say that I am a “mature” single woman and mother, and as I talk with my other “mature” single female friends, I would have to say that we want all that and then some more practical things as well. We love romance and appreciate the flowers and candy but we would love you more if you were the kind of guy that shoveled our driveway without us asking. We love going out and being treated like a queen but we love the kind of guy that would prepare us a home cooked meal. We don’t need you to be all about money but we need you to be a good provider. We don’t need you to look like Idris Elba but we want a man that takes care of his body and physical appearance (because we want to keep him around as long as possible). We don’t need you know everything but we want you to be open to learning and experiencing new things. We want you to be honest about you want and need, especially from us. We want someone we can tell our “bad day stories” to and rub our feet while listening. We want someone who doesn’t mind that we have to wear that scarf to bed because we need our hair to look right the next day. We want someone who would be just as content with us getting dressed to go out on the town as he would be sitting up in bed as we fall asleep reading. We don’t need to be up under you every waking moment but we want you to miss us when we’re not around. We don’t need you to be the star of the game but we need you to have a game plan.

Now after saying all that, I guess it’s fair to say we want everything, but what we really want is the opportunity to be everything to you as well. We want to be your lover, your best friend, your motivator, your #1 cheerleader, your hot chick that makes your friends jealous and your voice of reason. Most of all we want someone that wants and needs all of this from us. We want our man to appreciate and believe when we say, “Baby, you got this, because I got you!”

-RaN’ae (Nae, if you know me)

RaN’ae is the writer of Girlfriend, Let’s Talk! (www.girlfriendletstalk.net). She is new to the blogging world but she has a passion for helping people so she started her blog to giver her take on the lessons she learned (and are still learning) as a woman, friend, mother, etc. She hopes make you laugh, cry and think.

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