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WIVES: In Your Own Words - Part 2

Last week, I asked Fans of the MMWH Facebook Page, who are wives, to complete the following statement:

"A husband is a man who _____________."

Like our last post, singling out the wives...these are some of the responses that came in:

"...loves me MORE after everything about me is known to him! Everything!!!"

"...is a covering for his family faults & all! He is a HusbandMan."

"...puts up with the DAMSEL IN DISTRESS SYNDROME!"

"...leads by example for everyone that falls under his covering as well as those that cross his path. Not perfect, but understanding & embracing his call."

"...is strong as steel...and as smooth as velvet."

"...is your best friend."

"...is a great father to our children. Whose love is Forever. His actions match his words. He is a provider, protector, lover, and best friend. "

According to Meriam-Webster.com a husband (noun) is:

  1. a male partner in a marriage
  2. British : manager, steward
  3. a frugal manager

a husbandman (noun) is:

one that plows and cultivates land.

What would you add to this list?

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