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Age 40: A Work In Progress

A little more than two weeks into forty and so far so good. My bones aren't cracking any more than they were two and a half weeks ago and despite what my son claims I'm no more crotchety or bald than I was the day before I turned the big 4-0. The only adjustment I've made is taking a daily multivitamin - nothing fancy, overpriced or made exclusively for MEN (thanks for the tip, Dr. Oz). If anything I've been losing weight at a rate of about a pound a week with my three times a week jog, a life without French fries (but still filled with milkshakes) and some pushups here and there. My backfat has once again disappeared and I'm looking forward to the day that my cheeks (on my face) begin to slim. As I've aged the only difference I've noticed between the last few years and all the years before then is that although I am able to engage in strenuous activity no different than before my recovery time is taking longer and longer. Pretty soon I'm going to need a charger just like all these devices that surround me.

Two weeks into 40 and this is what I've learned:

  1. Embrace you, flaws and all. Anything that must be changed I have the maturity to set about making that change. Anything that is just a personality quirk that defines me will remain as is, untouched.
  2. Do not allow anyone to make you feel guilty or wrong about Number 1.
  3. Love confidently and freely, caring very little whether it is appreciated or returned. I have to do the best that I can so that I can live with me. I've found that giving my all and loving with all my heart is the quickest way to accomplish this.
  4. Get out of your own way. I can feel myself getting in my own way of accomplishing the goals I have for myself and my family. I can feel the pride welling up that will prevent me from learning something new. I do my best to stop it cold. Before I begin setting up my responses to people talking to or at me, I am able to shut it down long enough to listen to appreciate someone else's point of view and in the process better understand those around me.

Stay tuned for the next progress report. In the meantime, please feel free to share your experiences by adding to the above list in the comments section of this post.

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