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My Good News To Share With My Family

These days I have so many social media tools to maintain I sometimes overlook that they revolve around this blog. Good news falls through the cracks from time to time. Which brings me to the point: I am now a blogger at HuffPost BlackVoices. It is an honor, a privilege and a blessing to be able to tap into this new audience to share the good news about fatherhood and parenting. Hopefully I'll inspire a couple people while I'm at it. So far I only have one published post there but in time this will only grow.

I hope you'll visit me over there and subscribe, Like, Tweet, etc my articles over there. You all, my readers here, are my family and I need you to grow with me as I grow as I have no intention of forgetting my very humble beginnings here. I owe a significant percentage of my growth to you all, my base that I strive to keep engaged daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

Thanks for reading, thanks for supporting and again please visit me over on my HuffPost BlackVoices page.

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