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Family Savings With Johnson & Johnson Health Essentials

I'm a fan of couponing. I do it the old fashioned way --- sitting with the weekly circulars that come in the Sunday papers and the mail, clipping away at what I believe is essential for me and the family. I also am in tune with the times --- most of my preferred shoppers cards are tied to an online account where I can download coupons onto them so I get my savings at checkout. It is a worry-free, paper-free and much less time consuming activity. But I'm not partial to either. I'm rediscovering that there is nothing purer than sitting down at a table with a pair of scissors and using my eyes and brain together for an hour or two.

But back to my point.

Johnson & Johnson has created the Healthy Essentials Savings Pack as a one-stop resource for healthcare values. These products include:

AVEENO® Positively Radiant™ Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15: With natural light diffusers, mica and silica, this oil-free formula works to naturally even skin tone and texture while reflecting light to visibly smooth imperfections. 

I've been a user of Aveeno products for years before and after fatherhood. Now with the Savings Pack it is available at a fraction of the total cost at stores.

BAND-AID® Brand by Cynthia Rowley Adhesive Bandages: A glamorous way to cover up and protect cuts and scrapes for better, more fashionable healing! With 7 different designs to choose from, you won’t have to fear clashing with that perfect outfit.

What household can go wrong with Band-Aids? And with this designer pack every woman in your home is sure to have something to look forward to when the ouches come.

Johnson’s® Baby Lotion: Healthy skin begins with proper moisture balance, even for babies. JOHNSON’S® Baby Lotion can help prevent moisture loss from baby’s natural skin barrier. JOHNSON’S® Baby Lotion can be used to “baby” adult skin, too!
A household essential. Hello, it's baby lotion!

LISTERINE® ANTISEPTIC®: LISTERINE® is clinically proven to kill germs, help prevent and reduce plaque and gingivitis germs and fight bad breath. Now that’s a breath of fresh air!

Hands down some of the best stuff on the market for bad breath and oral health. It's a fixture in the Payne family bathroom. Not much else needs to be stated here.

NEUTROGENA® HAND CREAM Norwegian Formula®: This glycerin rich formula heals seriously dry and chapped hands for effective relief that lasts up to 17 hours.
 I've taken full advantage of the Neutrogena Hand Cream as a dad who's usually running out of the house making sure I'm shaved and dressed but not much else, this little tube is a lifesaver that sits in the center console of my car.

SPLENDA® ESSENTIALS™: this new line of new products from the SPLENDA® Brand gives you more than just the benefit of reducing calories from sugar, they also provide added essential nutrients you need every day. Varieties are available with fiber, antioxidants or B Vitamins.

In the age of conscious eating my wife has never been able to reconcile her love of sugar which is why the creation of Splenda has been one of the highlights of her life. Now packed with B vitamins she is sure to enjoy her morning coffee that much more.
At full retail, these products will significantly put a dent in your weekly shopping budget, but by redeeming coupons for them via Healthy Essentials you can save up to $190. Coming off Christmas and New Year's and in my case, my daughter's January birthday, families can seriously benefit from these savings.

Today, January 15, when you redeem coupons from Healthy Essentials product lineup, the equivalent of one meal will be donated to Feeding America. Readers of this blog know that hunger awareness and prevention is a cause I personally advocate.

After you read this post please head on over to Johnson & Johnson's Healthy Essentials, take advantage of the savings and do some good while you're at it.

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Dad Central Consulting on behalf of Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies and received products to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

Thanks for reading! To learn more about me, you can read my story.

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