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Mondays with Michelle: Salsa Time

Welcome to Monday's with Michelle! This week I want to share some yummy (and healthy) salsa recipes with you in an effort to make your meals even more delicious without adding a ton of fat or calories.

As I mentioned last week, one of the biggest misconceptions with eating healthy is that "diet" food has to be bland and boring. First, it's not "diet" food, so get that out of your head. It's just a cleaner healthier version of the same old stuff we've always had. 

Back to the salsa... 

It's not just for dipping tortilla chips in. It's amazing served over just about any thing. Well, it's amazing period, I could eat it with a spoon...but that is not the point here. Think of it as a condiment. The Spanish word 'salsa' literally translates to 'sauce' in English. So ditch the idea of it being a dip and try it as a sauce.

I shared my famous tomato salsa  recipe with you a while back, during part 2 of my "Host(es) with the Most(est)" series. This time instead of serving it with a bag of chips spoon some over grilled chicken breast. It's delish. I promise. 

In case you missed it, find the recipe again here: Chef Michelle's Tomato Salsa

Grilled chicken breast with my tomato salsa over the top... served with corn on the cob and  a mixed green salad. (That's a pretty colorful plate! Remember tip#2)

Salsa doesn't stop at the traditional tomato variety either, there are tons of combinations to try.  Another one of my favorites is Black Bean Mango Salsa. This one is delicious over more spicy proteins, like spicy shrimp skewers or jerk chicken. The sweetness of the mango's compliments the spiciness perfectly.

Find the recipe here: Black Bean Mango Salsa

Black bean mango salsa
These 2 recipes are great ways to incorporate Tips number 2, 5 and 8...

#2 Eat colorful (check)
#5 Eat clean, real food (check)
# 8 Try something new (check)

I hope you enjoy these recipes! Stay tuned for more yummy recipes, cooking techniques and ideas to help you eat healthy in 2012.  Don't forget to visit my foodie blog for more food tips, recipes and foodie fun. 

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading! To learn more about me, you can read my story.

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