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Here's To Blind Faith

I began my blog 2 years after my daughter was born for no real reason but just to write. The more I blogged the more I became entwined with social media. And then work and career fell by the wayside. But I kept blogging while I looked. I was doubted and chided for it. I was told I was playing games with a "hobby". I began to wonder myself. But I kept on blogging. I got some awards last year for it and now 4 years later a little company which isn't little at all(actually one of the largest period) has asked me to come to work for them (after I interviewed, of course) to get involved with their global social media activities..."because of all the things I've been doing with my blog and social media." I accepted this week and from the sounds of it, they get me! Now I'll be able to put rubber to the road and learn, learn, learn, learn, learn...

To God be the Glory. As I knew and my beautiful cousin reaffirmed here's to sticking to what you believe in (faith) even if you don't know why you're doing it. I followed through on something that was planted in my heart by God and hear I am now watching the tree bear fruit. Thanks to Ken Lattimore and Joe Coryat & Hugh Zuber for being the first ones to believe I was on to something even when I didn't know it myself.

The journey continues...and so will this blog...

Thanks for reading! To learn more about me, you can read my story.

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