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Martin Luther King Day 2012

"Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification."
Romans 14:19 NIV

Though the above quote is a verse from the Bible this was and continues to be Martin Luther King, Jr's challenge to each and everyone of us. I love the way my co-author of the Good Morning Project stated it earlier this morning:

How will you remember our National Peacemaker's legacy today? In service or support to others? By contemplating his life's work and what it means to you? By catching an educational show on his life on TV, or by deepening your knowledge of his life and work by reading/learning something new about him, and sharing that with your children? However you choose to celebrate today, we all can further Dr. King's legacy everyday by just being the example of Love, peace, generosity and equality that he wrote and spoke about and worked for.

Be of good cheer and providence to others...

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