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Because of my wife, I am transformed.

Every argument, disagreement, mistake and misstep is and should be used as an opportunity for growth. Look at it from the right perspective and don't point fingers.

When your wife is feeling anxious, depressed, crazy...whatever, instead of trying to figure her out, try your best to reassure her.

Do you truly know your wife?

  • Do you know her hopes and dreams?
  • Do you know what causes her pain?
  • Do you know the tragedies of her past?
  • Do you know what makes her smile (not how to make her smile)?
  • When she is pushing buttons do you rise up against her or do you pray for her?
  • Do you desire to understand her, or do you not get why she doesn't get you?
  • Do you realize that she is an entire person and not only your spouse, they way you understand your friends are people too?

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