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The Power of Dad

It's only been a few days but 2013 has truly been a year of Restoration for me. And I can't wait to share some of my good news with you as I am allowedable.

As a new friend I met put it, I am doing what I am supposed to in order to "position myself properly" to receive God's blessings. (Tangent to be continued in a later post).

Part of this restorative process for me was to join a discussion group attached to the church I attend. And it has been a wonderful experience spending time with like-minded individuals who are invested in growing their personal relationships with The Man Upstairs.

In the midst of our discussions I revealed I am a Dad and not only a Dad but a Dad blogger. It's impossible not to divulge this nugget when I am asked what I'm passionate about.

Looking at my life from my own lens everyday is pretty regular and routine for me. I do what I do from before sun up and continue usually past midnight. It is a part of me, who I am, like my name and my skin color and the fact that I rock a baldie. I don't even think about it.

So I was surprised when during a recent meeting my being a dad came up more than once --- unknowingly couched as a hindrance. With the following statement spoken in jest being the one that stood out to me the most. I'm paraphrasing, but not much:

"You're a dad and all, I don't want you to get into trouble with the wife for spending too much money on lunch...you do have a family."

I was momentarily dumbfounded to the point of silence and once I got my wits about me I continued to hold my tongue. After all, I was the only dad in the room, the only husband in the room and the only man in the room. I was the anomaly, if not the exception, and the truth is, just because I have surrounded myself with positive, successful and strong fathers, the world still doesn't see this daily nor would they be quick to accept it based on the ever-present imagery of the incapable almost befuddled, exhausted, overwhelmed, overweight dad. But this is changing. The only dads I know pull out their wallets, no matter what the cost and attempt to cover me. The only dads I know never complain about the costs of being a father because their is no cost that outweighs the benefits. The only dads I know talk about their companies, the upcoming game, who's working out versus who isn't, the next conference we are all going to be at or how we can all make more money in our respective fields. Our wives sometime come up in conversation, but never as a negative. And of course, we reminisce about our respective pasts, and not always fondly. But then again, who doesn't?

For those of you who are new to my story, I wasn't exactly jumping up and down at the news of being a father but I quickly realized that I could turn it into a point power because when taken up in prayer need creates opportunity. I need to take care of my family and myself --- rather than having just enough for me I've been blessed with so much more to cover the crew and then some.

Being a Dad has made me stronger, healthier, more financially savvy, more filled with faith, more focused, fun, loving and considerate of others than I ever would've been had I not been one. It is my power.

The Power of Dad.

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