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Parenting And Fatherhood: Let's Reclaim Our Kids

"What if a child dreamed of becoming something other than what society intended...?"

This is a quote from the recent Man of Steel movie but it is oh so applicable to this real life. So what if a child does dream, and all children do, how does he or she become more than the limiting, dimwitted expectations placed upon them? Recent events have crystallized for more than ever that it's time for us parents to reclaim our children. It's time to shut down or at least talk about the dehumanizing media produced by profiteering suits that foster pointless pathologies filled with hate and misogyny. It's time to treat our kids exactly as they are: kids. Let's love them, raise them and educate them. It may not be easy but it is absolutely necessary. Teach them. Love them. Talk to them constantly.

And to the men reading this: be fathers to your kids. Having a father is every child's right. Don't let your kids down.

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